“It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best dispatch service and a place to build relationships” 

-Samdani Siddiqui, Founder


We are confident that you can always count on us for dispatching!

Make your trucking easier

Let us take care of your trucking so you can concentrate on making your business bigger. Trust us!

Save Time And Money

We are experts in finding the best trucking routes that will save you both time and money. We use special software to ensure that each delivery reaches its destination on time and at the most affordable price.

24/7 Dispatch Support

Our team works 24/7 to make sure your trucks are always moving. We provide you with instant information about the weather and road conditions so you don’t waste money on unnecessary delays.

Transparent Communication

We think honesty is important at Foretel Logistics. That’s why we want you to always know what’s happening with load and be able to talk easily with the team in charge of it.

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